Fast and Bumpy

On 9th and 10th of May Thundercat racing will take place at Watergate Bay. If you are stuck for transport to and from the event, give Coastline Travel a call. The Event is spectacular, especially if there’s a bit of swell running. It takes place close to shore and attracts many people. In any case, the beach is clean and there’s plenty of it with a café and restaurant close by; even just across the road there is a good pub.

Each Thunder-cat boat is 4 metres long and crewed by two people: a driver who steers and a co-pilot who uses his weight to try and keep the vessel stable in order to achieve the best possible speed around the course.

This is a National event with teams competing in six heats. The top 12 teams will go through to the final nine-lap heat, on each day. With boats battling the incoming surf and reaching high speeds, the event promises to be an exhilarating show for spectators.